Hey Runner Friend,

Thanks for your interest in the 2018 Arena Attack-Amherst! In an effort to provide you with the best race day experience possible, here are some important details for the day. The more you know, the better you are able to prepare yourself. Here’s the scoop…

Race Schedule:
Here is the schedule of events. We want everyone to have fun, be safe, and have plenty of room to run their race, so once a race reaches capacity… its closed. No exceptions.

7:00 A.M.             Registration table opens for bib pickup.

8:00 A.M.             5k Run Start (50-minute course time limit)
9:00 A.M.             Marathon Start (5-hour course time limit)
9:00 A.M.             Half Marathon-1st Heat Start (2:10-hour course time limit)
11:15 A.M.            Half Marathon-2nd Heat Start (3-hour course time limit)

At 10-minutes prior to each race, we will call those runners to a pre-race meeting with the runners near the registration table… to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding course etiquette (i.e.: passing, head phones, running 2 or more abreast, etc). After the meeting (which will only take about 3 or 4-minutes), we’ll walk the runners to their starting line. Each race will start on time. It is the runner’s responsibility to make the meeting and starting line on time. Please consult the course map for locations of the registration table, course set up and warm up area.

ATTENTION – ALL HALF MARATHON RUNNERS: There is a finite amount of space on the concourse, which is why we are strictly limiting the number of runners on the course at one time. Therefore, if you are scheduled to run in the 9:00 A.M. race, but arrive on race day, thinking you’ll be able to slide into the 11:15 A.M. race… you will not be able to do so, because there will be no room for you.

Warm Up Area
Half of the concourse will be designated as the warm up area. Race marshals will point that area out when you arrive. Only runners currently competing in a race will be allowed on the balance of the concourse. Reason being, the timing system is extremely sensitive when used indoors. If you are not in a race, and get within 30-feet of the timing system’s antenna… your data will corrupt the data for the race in progress. Please, please obey the race marshals and only warm up in the designated warm up area.

Race Timing & Lap Counting
Please follow these directions! If you don’t put the chip on correctly, the computer may not see you! Each race will be professionally timed, using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. When you are issued your bib, there will be one digital tag safety pinned to it. Using the grommet on the chip, you will lace to the chip to the OUTSIDE of your LEFT shoe. These chips will be working double duty, by tracking your start/finish times… and will be counting your laps automatically. Using a projector, we will be projecting your lap counts on a screen. The projection will be in your line of vision during the race. This way you’ll be able to track how many laps you have left. We’ll also have a marshal at the finish line, helping to make sure you either don’t run too many or too few laps. We don’t mind you wearing earbuds during the race… but make sure you can hear the marshal’s directions.

We will also manually track your laps. A group of volunteers will be watching for your bib number on each lap. As they see your bib, they will mark that lap on a spreadsheet. WE NEED TO SEE YOUR BIB THROUGHOUT THE RACE. All bibs must be worn on your front, clear to view, preferably above the waist. 

Direction of Running
You will be running in the same direction (counter-clockwise) throughout your race. Each loop is 317.3-meters, so it’s a long enough loop that we don’t have to switch directions during the race.

Dressing for the Race
Think mid-fall attire. It will be about 55-65 degrees on the course, with no wind. Personally, I’d be wearing shorts and a singlet.

If you’re accustomed to running on the roads, you’ll be right at home on the course. If you’re more of a trail runner, you might consider wearing shoes with a bit more cushioning.

Advance Pre-Registration Pick Up
There will be no advance bib pickup. Everyone will be given their bibs & chips the morning of their race.

Top-3 Men & Women: In each race will receive special awards.
Finisher Recognition: Each finisher will receive a finisher medal.

Bags & Bag Check
We don’t want bags being left unattended, so please utilize our free bag check. Just a heads up, the Mullins Center security staff will be conducting bag searches upon entry.

Free parking is available in Lot 25 at 200 Commonwealth Ave (in front of the Mullins Center), as well in Lot 67 at the end of Mullins Way (essentially, behind the Mullins Center).

The Course
We’ll be running laps around the concourses of the Mullins Center. Each lap is 317.3 meters. Use our Lap Pace Calculator to find out what you need to run each lap in, to hit your goal finish time. 

Hydration Station
We will have volunteers handing our water & Gatorade to the runners at our hydration station. While we’ll have mats, blowers/dryers, and volunteers with mops keeping the area as dry as possible… please help us by being as neat.

Marathon Hydration Station
Given the duration of this race, the marathon runners will require additional support. There will be a specific station set up just for those runners. Several tables will be on the course. Each marathon runner will have an assigned section on a table, where they will be able to leave their hydration & nutrition supplies.

Spectator Seating
We’ll have one section set up for spectators to watch the race. It will be near the entrance, where we will have about 25-folding chairs set up. Feel free to bring your own beach chair. 

The Mullins Center concessions will not be open. However, we will have post-race snacks for the runners.  For a post-race meal, we recommend The Hangar Pub & Grill – which is just over a mile away at 10 University Dr, Amherst. 

XL Center GPS Address
200 Commonwealth Ave., Amherst, MA 01003

Hotel Accommodations
The Marriot Courtyard and Hampton Inn are within 5-minutes of the Mullins Center. is attached to the XL Center via an air-bridge. Rates run about $120-$165 per night.

The UMass Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team will be supporting the race the whole day! When you see them, please thank them for taking time away from their winter vacation, studies, and practice to help get you through your race.

Did we miss an important detail? Let us know, so we can share it with the crowd! Email Scott at scott@sneaa.org with your question or suggestion.

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