Thanks for your interest in the 2017 Let’s Glow Run 5k for Suzor! In our effort to provide you with the best race day experience possible, here are some important details for the day. The more you know, the better you are able to prepare yourself. Here’s the scoop…

Important Race Info:
Here is the schedule of the day:
7:00 P.M.           Registration tables open
8:30 P.M.           5k Run/Walk Start
10:00 P.M.         Race Concludes

At 10 & 5-minutes prior, the DJ will make an announcement… letting everyone know how much time is left before the official start of the race. The race will start on time. It is the runner’s responsibility to make sure that they are at starting line on time.

GPS Address of Race: 5 Vision Blvd, Somers, CT 06071.

Bib Pickup: If you sign up for the race early, we’ll have a bib waiting for you on race day. On race day, look for the 3’x4’ sign that says “BIB PICKUP”. That’s where we will give it to you.

Signing Up On Race Day: Race day entry fee is $20. We’ll have a table set up next to the BIB PICKUP, where folks can sign up.

The Course: We will be running 12 laps, on the high school track. The entire course will be lined with over 2,000 glow sticks and other fun glowing stuff!

Hydration Stations: Volunteers will be handing out water to runners at the on-course hydration station – that everyone will pass on each lap.

Spectators: We love spectators! They bring enormous life to every race. The Let’s Glow 5k is one of the most spectator friendly races, since you’ll be able to watch your runner the entire time! Make sure to bring a chair!

Race Timing: This is a fun run. No official time will be kept, but feel free to keep track of your time.

Lap Counting
As you complete each lap, we will give you a glow bracelet. Once you have 12-bracelets, you’ve completed the 5k!

Correct Bib Wear & Care
All bibs must be worn on your front, clear to view, preferably above the waist. We need to be able to see your number at all times.

Direction of Running
You will be running in the same direction (counter-clockwise) throughout your race, around the 400-meter track.

Parking: Will be available throughout Field Road Park and the Somers Educational Campus.

Headphones: We don’t mind you wearing earbuds during the race. However, USATF rules will apply. We do ask that you please make sure that you can hear the race marshal’s directions.

Footwear: The entire course will be on flat and even grass. If you have cross country spikes – great! Otherwise any shoe will do.

Jogging Strollers: Are allowed! This is a family event!

Pets: Are not allowed in the race.

Did we miss an important detail? Let us know, so we can share it with the crowd! Email Scott at with your question or suggestion.

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Your Race Directors